Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Forum

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Focus in the agenda

Policies for energy efficiency
The new directive of the European Commission about energy efficiency and how Bulgaria will cover the new
Who and how could submit proposals for energy efficiency projects
Which European success stories towards higher energy efficiency could be adopted and implemented in Bulgaria

Energy efficiency of municipalities and buildings
Energy efficiency and opportunities for the municipalities. Successful projects
The JESSICA program and opportunities for public-private partnership
What is an energy efficient building and passive houses? Energy passports
Green business buildings and the benefits from certification

Energy efficiency and the business
How the business can be the forerunner in matters of energy efficiency in Bulgaria? Successful projects

Renewable energy sources
Has the investors' interest increased or decreased after the adoption of the New RES Act – facts and forecasts
What should we expect in 2012 – 2013? – Market development and foreseeable policies for supporting RES
Development and realization of investment projects - a look from the inside and from the outside. Financing

Registration fee: 92.4 euro VAT included
Deadline for registration: 3 November 2011