Banks and the Business 2013

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Capital newspaper is organizing for the first time the Banks and the Business conference. The event aims at providing an opportunity for the leading banks in Bulgaria to meet with representatives of various sized companies and help them choose the most appropriate financial instruments in order to successfully manage their money and achieve sustainable growth for their business. 

The individual presentations and panel discussions will shed light on the various lending instruments and the priorities in terms of sectors and products for the upcoming 2014.

The event is planned to turn into a networking and know-how platform and to provide quality time meetings between the representatives of the business and the banking sector.

Focus in the agenda:
Banks in 2014 – what to expect
How to secure resources for the growth of your business and at what price
The role of the JEREMIE initiative in the bank credit market
Which sectors have the greatest growth potential and what kind of projects are banks interested in
How does a high quality and promising project look in the time of crisis
Where is the intersection between the banks in terms of a solvent project and the business in terms of reasonable financing conditions

When and where: November 27, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia

Who should attend: representatives of companies of various scale, representatives of the banking sector – CEOs and experts, lawyers, consultants

Participation fee: 51.13 euro excl. 20% VAT
For two or more participants from the same company: 20% discount

Deadline for registration: November 25