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denkstatt Bulgaria is the premier consultancy in Bulgaria for developing corporate sustainability strategies. As one of Central and Eastern Europe's most experienced companies in the sphere of sustainable development and environmental management, we are suitably headquartered in Vienna, Austria.
The six service groups that we offer, match the diversity of the themes that arise in the quest to answer the challenges of the twenty-first century: Sustainable Business, Environmental Management, Climate Care, Nature Conservation, Social Design, and Waste Management.  
Our consultancy services seamlessly integrate innovative management techniques into the activities of our clients. This promotes solutions to modern environmental and social challenges, which turn investments in sustainability into competitive advantages. This creates business value, refines corporate image, and transforms corporate responsibility engagements into an engine of sustainable growth.


GLOBUL provide its clients with the full range of telecommunication services: mobile, fixed and data transfer, so that their freedom and pleasure in unlimited communication may be guaranteed.
The company continually invest in innovative solutions in order to respond to the ever-chaning needs of clients. 
GLOBUL possesses a license for fixed telephone services and was the first mobile operator in Bulgaria to offer an integrated solution for fixed and mobile telephone services. The company has developed a wide distribution network and offers products and services in over 627 points of sale throughout the whole country.


Elatzite-Med AD Elatzite-Med AD

Ellatzite-Med AD is a private joint-stock company dealing with extraction and processing of copper and gold-containing ores. It is the largest company in the GEOTECHMIN group.
The company is a leader in Bulgarian mining industry and an active member of such organizations as the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy. Ellatzite-Med represents the modern business in Bulgaria, has an active civil position and a responsible approach towards the environment and the social issues of the regions where it is operating.
The company has 1,730 workers and employees. It is among the major taxpayers and one of the biggest investors and concessioners in Bulgaria. It comprises of two main production units – an open-pit mine in Etropole and a flotation plant near the village of Mirkovo.
Mine Ellatzite is the biggest open-pit copper mine in Bulgaria and the largest local producer of copper and gold concentrate. The total quantity of mined rock material extracted in 2010 was 44 million tons, and the processed ore was almost 13 million tons. 178 thousand tons of copper concentrate were produced out of this ore. Ellatzite copper concentrate is traded at the domestic and foreign markets.
Ellatzite-Med operates an explosives plant where emulsion and packaged explosives are produced under American license. Moreover, the company runs a plant which produces molybdenum concentrate. Up-to-date and highly efficient mining equipment is used at the mining complex.
Large investments are made not only in new production lines, technology, equipment and environmental protection measures, but also in the constant improvement of the qualification of employees – the most valuable asset of the company.

Veolia Water Veolia Water

The French company Veolia Water, a world leader in the provision of water and wastewater services, is part of Veolia Environnement, the only company to offer environmental solutions in all fields: water, waste management, energy services and public transportation.
For a century and a half, municipalities around the world have trusted Veolia Water to help them provide their constituents with top quality water and wastewater services. Over the past 10 years the international expansion of the company has picked up pace to respond to municipalities’ needs in such areas as urbanization, population growth, universal access to essential services, environmental protection and improving public health.
Veolia Water has operations in 66 countries around the world. Some key municipalities include capitals such as Berlin, Brussels, Prague, The Hague, Budapest, Bucharest, Erevan, Mexico and Rabat. At present, Veolia Water operates in 22 countries across Europe.
Veolia Water’s goals are to help municipalities prepare for the future, build the water and wastewater services of tomorrow and manage them on a long-term basis.
On 9th November 2010 Veolia Voda SA acquired 77.1% stake in Sofiyska Voda AD. Veolia Voda SA is a French subsidiary of Veolia Water, which holds participation in water operations in Central and Eastern Europe. The EBRD holds a 15,27% stake in Veolia Voda SA, the IFC (World Bank) 9,52% and Veolia Eau 75,21% respectively. Тhe company is listed on the New York and Paris Stock Exchange.


Dundee Precious Metals Inc Dundee Precious Metals Inc

Dundee Precious Metals Inc. is a Canadian based, international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and mining of precious metal properties.
DPM owns the Chelopech Mine, a gold/copper concentrate producer and the Krumovgrad gold project, a mining development project, both located in Bulgaria.
Dundee also owns 95% of the Kapan Mine, a gold / copper / zinc concentrate producer in southern Armenia.
In addition, DPM holds significant exploration and exploitation concessions in some of the larger gold-copper-silver mining regions in Serbia.

DPM’s business objectives are to identify, acquire, finance, develop and operate low cost, long life mining properties.

Renault Renault

For over a century, Renault has accompanied the great changes in society. It shares a unique relationship with its drivers and their passengers and family, which is built on one simple idea: to be popular, an automobile must be practical, reliable, tailored to each individual's lifestyle
and expectations, and affordable for everyone… This year Renault is celebrating 112 years of history.  It designs, develops, manufactures and sells a broad range of vehicles through a network of 350 industrial and commercial sites in 118 countries. Its full range of electric vehicles accessible to all is the standard-bearer of its environmental commitment. In 2012 the company will offer a whole range of 100% electric cars accessible to all. This is how Renault demonstrates its policy in sustainable mobility and care for the environment. Today's Renault features innovation for all, top-quality products and services and a new design philosophy.


LRQA is the world's leading certification body for ISO 9001. We have a wide range of knowledge in all industries and estimate worldwide in the local language. LRQA has over 1500 auditors worldwide and has approved over 53,000 companies in 121 countries. Ourexperiencein Bulgariaincludesmorethan 550companies. Asa standardservice, LRQA offersaccreditedcertification with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service),a certificateofaccreditationunder thenumber001, whichhave worldwidecoverageforISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001in all market sectors. Constantly increases the number oforganizationscertifiedby LRQA-Bulgaria to: ISO 22000, TS/16949, ISO 13485, IFS, BRC, and Verificationofemissionsunder theEU ETS, JI, and CDM.Werespondto emergingneedsof organizations in theITsector, offering certification toISO27001andISO20000.LRQA's accreditations are from authorities, members of IAF (International Accreditation Forum), which ensures that each issued certificate of approval is recognized and is equally valid throughout the world.

Bulgarian Green Building Council Bulgarian Green Building Council

The Bulgarian Green Building Council is a non-profit organization for public benefit. The Council was created in 2009 to meet the challenges of today. The built environment has strong impact on everyone’s life. Globally, built environment accounts for 40-50% of raw materials use, 20% water consumption, 40% energy consumption, and about one third of CO2 emissions.
The Bulgarian Green Building Council has the ambitious mission to work for a radical improvement of the living environment with a clear focus on sustainable construction. The Council brings together all who share its mission and work in different but interrelated areas: planning, design, construction, facility management.
The Council develops and participates in EU programs related to sustainable development and energy efficiency. The organization takes the lead and contributes to the implementation of uniform standards in Bulgaria for the certification of buildings and facilities.
BGBC works in close cooperation with the German Council for Sustainable Construction DGNB and is the only organization from Bulgaria – member of the World Green Building Council.  

Special Events Group Special Events Group

Special Events Group (SEG) is the new brand of the well known conference service leaders Kongresstechnik-Bulgaria and Scenio. The new SEG includes Kongesstechnik (ensuring technical equipment) and Scenio (dealing with stage design and stage building), as well as the new companies - Next Level (lending of furniture for special events) and Novo 20 (event preparation, post-production, 3D, internal design etc). Together they offer full range event service - from technical equipment, building the stage to the furniture and the video from the event.

PRoPR Agency PRoPR Agency

PRoPR Agency is a boutique communications consultancy company working with a plethora of clients wishing to be successful in an ever changing and dynamic environment. PRoPR strives to create the desired favorable communications environment for its partners. It is their core objective to work with clients on an individualistic approach based on knowledge of the specific information environment, business climate, corporate goals and values. PRoPR builds long-term relationships because they bring long-lasting results. Media Relations is the field that PRoPR is particularly strong in. This may be inferred also from the educational and professional background of some of the key members of the team. Founder and General Manager of the Agency is Ivet Dobromirova. PRoPR provides wide range of services in the field of corporate communications, crisis PR, online communications, corporate social responsibilities etc.