Green Economy Forum 2012

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For a second year in a row Capital is organizing a high-profile conference about the benefits for the business, the state and society from turning towards Green Economy. The event has proved to be a successful platform for debate, exchange of experience and good practices between the different levels of management, the business, NGO's and the public.

Stimulated by the success of the first edition of Green Economy Forum as well as by the growing interest and awareness of the business and society about the necessity of the transition towards sustainable development we would like to go further and build on this platform.

We believe that for achieving the goals of sustainable development the partnership between the state, business and society is crucial. For this reason Capital will invite all parties who share this responsibility and will give an opportunity for an open discussion where the participants will seek common solutions for low-carbon development, resource efficient economic growth, waste management and recycling, green jobs creation, etc.

The programme will focus on:
What funding for green projects can businesses rely on in the 2014 - 2020 period
What policies are needed to boost green growth
What is the return on green investment
Urban development funds under the JESSICA initiative and their support for sustainable urban growth 
Effective use of resources
How can companies secure additional funds from carbon emissions trade

The forum will take place on 24 April 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia

Participation fee: 62.40 euros 20% VAT included
Registration deadline: 20 April 2012