Dr. Ted Marra Dr. Ted Marra

Dr. Ted Marra is professor of strategy at COTRUGLI Business School. Before, he was President of MQI Consulting in Boston and Managing Director at Centre for Innovation Management Europe Ltd in the UK.  For the past 39 years he has focused on Strategic Leadership and Strategic Customer Management.  His expertise also spans HR, balanced scorecard/performance measurement, six sigma/process management & improvement, organizational/cultural change, advanced data analysis and interpretation, and Baldrige Performance Excellence/EFQM Business Excellence. Ted has worked in over 30 countries and with more than 150 organizations covering virtually every industry and sector. He has had clients such as IBM, Xerox, Shell, DuPont, Johnson and Johnson, Electrolux, VW, Cisco, Rolls Royce, and many more as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Defense (UK), the Red Cross and others. Nearly half of his clients have been outside the U.S. During his 39 years of experience in business management, consulting and executive development he was active as a professor, adjunct professor and lecturer in MBA/EMBA programs in the U.S., Switzerland and the U.K.