Wealth Management Forum 2015

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For the second year in a row, Capital weekly is organizing Wealth Management Forum and the aim of the event is to be a useful benchmark about how to manage our assets most effectively. 

Leading experts will present thorough analysis and recent data about the major types of investment tools and will make a forecast about what to expect in 2015. 

Major topics in the agenda:
What are the prospects for the world economy
What are the innovative investment products and trends in them
What are the strategies for distribution of assets in a mutual fund
What to choose between the different investment instruments
How oil changes investment opportunities in bonds and equities

With the participation of:
Ivaylo Penev, Head of Asset Management, ELANA Fund Management
Tsvetoslav Tsachev, Head of "Analyses", ELANA Trading
Joachim Hagmann, Senior Investment Specialist, Raiffeisen Capital Management
Simon Fasdal, Head of Fixed Income Trading, Saxo Bank
Asen Lisev, Managing Director, MBL CBRE 
Mihail Atanasov, CEO, Raiffeisen Asset Management

The event is suitable for everybody who is interested in achieving high return on their assets and is looking for investment opportunities, wealth management solutions and valuable information about how to structure their investment portfolios.

When and where:
March 12, 2015, Sofia Hotel Balkan 

Participation fee: 52 euro excl. 20% VAT
For two or more participants from the same company: 20% discount

Deadline for registration: March 10