Doing Business in Bulgaria: Join in the success of Plovdiv & explore more destinations

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The Conference aims at providing an opportunity for companies in different sectors - production, assembling, innovation, IT - to get to know Bulgaria as an investment destination and in particular Plovdiv as a bright example of industrial success.

Plovdiv has been at the center of a wide investment surge, covering everything from mechanics and robotics, to refrigerators, chemicals and agriculture. Over 100 plants have opened in and around the city in the last 10 years. The panel discussions will showcase how and why you could invest successfully here, what advantages do you get and how can you sustain your investment with growing success. Furthermore, the program sheds light on the different investment opportunities not only in Plovdiv Municipality, but also in other perspective regions - centers of industry, innovation and outsourcing services, as well as cities that want to follow that path.

Main topics:
The success story of Plovdiv: a gateway for industrial investment, why should you consider investing there and lessons learned for wannabe investors in Bulgaria 
How-to guide to Bulgaria: everything you need to know before you invest - legal, financial and real estate issues and ideas from the local experts
The big challenge - human capital. How to find, educate and keep employees. Ideas for cooperation between the State and the private sector, and successful examples
The rising stars: Four cities, that are eager to repeat the success of Plovdiv. A meeting with the mayors, who can deliver big opportunities for investors

The conference provides opportunities to both local governments’ representatives and international investors to discuss opportunities and good practices in the country and to discover a common ground for future business opportunities. Last but not least, the conference also facilitates various business initiatives such as networking with banking and financing institutions, willing to facilitate any new investment and visits in industrial zones and facilities.

Audience: business managers, investors from Bulgaria and abroad - EU, China, Turkey and etc., local governments, financial institutions, advisors and law firms 

When and where: 01-02 November 2016, Grand Hotel Plovdiv

Participation fee: 50 euro excl. VAT
Deadline for registration: 28 October