City Talk Urban Mobility

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Fast, convenient and safe transportation from one place to another can make a city more attractive for living. Well-developed pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure will motivate more people to use alternative methods of transport and will contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant urban environment.

Congested boulevards, damaged streets, impassable sidewalks and lack of parking spaces are part of the serious problems of Sofia and other major cities in Bulgaria.

Capital is organizing City Talk Urban mobility with the aim to present possible solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing cities. We will discuss ways to improve mobility in urban environment and to develop sustainable transport system in the long run.

Major topics to be discussed:
Mobility masterplans
Integrated public transport and mobility management systems
How to make mobility in the city easier
Technological and media solutions for mobility improvement
Alternative means of transport and sustainable mobility 

Representatives of municipalities, mayors
Representatives of institutions. Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
Business representatives
Representatives of automobile companies
Representatives of companies offering advanced technology solutions
Representatives of NGOs

Date and place:
11 October 2012
73, Alexander Stambolijski Blvd.
Societe Generale Expressbank Building

Deadline for registration:
9 October 2012
Registration fee: 25.80 euros, VAT excl.