Business and Education Conference: The Ideas that Can Change Education

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The aim of the conference is to present working models from Bulgaria and abroad that can help high schools and universities deliver a high quality product – thinking people with the necessary skills to cope with life and on the labor market, and successful scientists-teachers with a role in the world science. We will look for solutions from the experience of the university professors, business representatives, successful young people, students and experts. The discussion will continue with articles on the major topics in detail in Capital newspaper and on

Focus in the agenda:
How to make education in Bulgaria competitive and what is the role of the State and the business in it
What did the ranking system for Bulgarian universities show  
How can education in Bulgaria enter the 21st century
Success stories: the school and the university of the future
Success stories: business meets education
Success stories: career and/ vs. education

When and where:
February 25, Sofia Hotel Balkan

Who should attend:
Representatives of the business – managers and HR experts, representatives of the education sector, representatives of NGOs

Participation fee: 25.56 euro excl. 20% VAT

Deadline for registration: February 24