Reinventing Еducation

What does innovation in education look like

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Imagine a school where each student follows an individual curriculum with the assistance of his or her teachers. During the classes he sits on big pillows on the floor together with his classmates. Wearing socks. Instead of focusing on different subjects the teachers show the connection between them and present the topics from different points of view. They assess the students progress in details and try to develop in them key skills and evoke curiosity. School activities are organized in an on-line platform accessible also from the parents.
This is an innovative school. It doesn't simply introduce new technologies in class but also uses new teaching methods and applies the knowledge from the covered material. During the last few years a number of Bulgarian teachers, school principals, educational experts also pay attention to how the school could correspond better with the contemporary world. The new Law for preschool and school education gives an opportunity to form new type of schools – the innovative schools.
Re-inventing the Education Conference will welcome on stage the active school principals, teachers and experts to tell and show what an innovative school does. Via inspirational presentations, video stories and panel discussions the audience will hear successful stories from classrooms in Bulgaria and abroad, modern approaches to school management and how the contemporary educational ecosystem looks. There will be also demonstrations of innovative educational products and methods.

When and where:
April 2016 | Sofia Event Center
Address: Cherni Vrah Blvd 100,
Paradise Center, Floor 3 

250+ participants
- representatives of businesses, managers and HR experts , entrepreneurs
- representatives of st ateinst itutions, NGOs
- teachers, students

Participation fee: 15.4 euro excl. 20% VAT