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Economedia is Bulgaria’s first business media group

Print publications

Economedia is the biggest publisher of business media in Bulgaria. Our aim is to give timely and useful information to people who take decisions. Our efforts are driven by the striving for constant perfection of the products and services we offer, and for development of new ones.
We change together with those who use our information. Our most valuable capital is our people, and their inspiration and professionalism are our greatest competitive advantages. Therefore we see k and develop talents. We support the hardworking and curious, those who are creative and who take initiative. We build partnerships based on honesty,openness, and trust.
We aim for profit, while kee ping in mind the special nature of the publishing business and its responsibility towards society. We believe that only independent media can create quality content.

Capital is the most influential business weekly in Bulgaria. The newspaper gives readers clear, expressive, and verified business information, comprehensive and independent political analysis,investigations on all important topics. In the course of the week in Capital Prim at we comment on the most important current affairs.

The newspaper was launched in 1993. It has a total circulation of 28-35 000 copies. Each copy is viewed by 3- 4 readers on average. 90% of the subscribers (between 7 500 and 10 000) are corporate clients. The newspaper has always supported the principles of the quality journalism, the ethical standards and the responsibility towards the readers.

Capital’s audience is comprised of economically active people with university education, most of whom are qualified specialists, managers, owners, and partners in companies. They perceive the weekly as objective and prestigious, supplying them with useful business information and in-depth, comprehensive analyses.

Innovations: In March 2006 the business weekly receives a new visual identity. The new graphic concept of Capital is connected with the development of the editorial content. The main results from the changes are that readers read more, they spend the same time with the newspaper and receive more information.

Dnevnik is the leading business daily. Companies and Finance – Dnevnik’s business section is the largest and most comprehensive of all Bulgarian newspapers. Dnevnik features the specialized Management section which covers taxes, law, human resources, marketing and advertising. The first issue came out in 2001 in broadsheet format.

With a print run of 11-15 000 the newspaper has 6000 subscribers. Dnevnik has an average of 5 readers per copy. It’s key editorial principles are more freedom for business and less intervention on the part of the state.

The Sofia Echo is an English-language weekly, is the original and still the most popular publication of Sofia Echo Media. It focuses on the major political, cultural, business and sport events related to Bulgaria.

Licensed magazines:

Foreign Policy (FP) is a licensed bimonthly magazine for global politics, economics and ideas. The Bulgarian edition consists of 70% of the original FP and 30% Bulgarian content. The first issue came out in April of 2005. The local content is being written by some of the top political analysts, sociologists and journalists in Bulgaria.

Business-to- business publications:

Regal is oriented to the professionals in the fast moving consumer goods business. The magazine was launched in 2005 as a monthly magazine. It comes out 10 times per year

HoReMag is the monthly b2b magazine for the tourist sector.

Index Imoti, the real estate monthly magazine, is published in cooperation with "ASI" OOD turnover 2006 - 100 000 euro, employees 5

Stroitelstvo Gradat is the leading construction sector and investment weekly newspaper, published in cooperation with "ASI" OOD.


In June 2006 Economedia aquired 100 % of IDG Bulgaria – the leading publisher in the field of ICT. Turnover 2005 – 1 mln. euro, employees 33 Now the company renamed to ICT Media publishes under lisence from IDG the following products.

Computerworld is the leading and most influential weekly newspaper in the country in the field of IT business. With a circulation of 5 000 per issue, the newspaper has 3000 paid subscribers, 1000 controlled subscribers and 1000 on newsstands. Computerworld is accompanied by more than 6 special issues and supplements per year.

CIO magazine was launched in February 2005 targeting the fastly developing group of highly positioned IT executives, strategists and decision makers - Chief Information Officers in the leading industrial and financial enterprises in Bulgaria and the Covernment.

• The bimonthly magazine Networkworld is the only Bulgarian publication focused on networks and telecommunications - the fastest growing area in information technologies.

PC World is addressing the home users and the SOHO market. With a circulation of 10 – 12 000 per month, 3 000 of them paid subscribers, it is the best sold IT magazine in this country and one of the 10 biggest national monthly magazines.

Internet products was launched in 1997 as the first site of a weekly newspaper in Bulgarian Internet. In 2003 initiated the subscription for content service. The website is newly designed since March 2006. New services have been added to the online version - blog, e-mail announcement for the new issue. Monthly unique visitors – 300 000, total monthly impressions – 1.5 million was launched along with the newspaper in February. It combines the web presence of Dnevnik daily and an online media. The general news are free. The exclusive content (investigative reports, market analyses, interviews, series) requires subscription. In February 2006, was relaunched with entirely a new web design, site structure and content management system. Monthly unique visitors – 600 000, total page impressions 6.7 million is an online center for job, education and HR. The site presents information and advice on the possibilities for professional development, career management and high-level employment, as well as on educational and HR issues. A major and very popular section of the site is the message board. It serves as an online conference room gathering employers and professionals to discuss topics of interest. has around 200 000 unique monthly visitors and total page impressions of around 1.3 million per month. is one of the leading local internet portals in the field of IT with average of 136 000 unique visitors per month and over 430 000 impressions per month.
- Is a website for social bookmarking. It was launched in 2007 -
is the web site of the magazine for the FMCG business - "Regal"
- is the website of the b2b magazine for the tourist sector "Hotels & Restaurants Magazine".

www, -
The website combines the deeper analytical content of The Sofia Echo weekly with regular daily news updates, uploaded as soon as events take place.
is a new, one of a kind, English-language website offering independent and reliable coverage of trends and opportunities on the Bulgarian property market.
is an information, entertainment and communication portal for the expatriate community in Bulgaria and for anyone with an interest in the country.