The liberalization of the energy market – what it means to the business

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Capital Weekly and the Energy Management Institute are organizing a conference - The liberalization of the energy market – what it means to the business? on June 1st 2011, at Sheraton hotel, Sofia.
The event's goal is to introduce the forthcoming steps for the liberalization of the energy market. Big part of the companies who are about to step on this market feel uncertain and insecure about the future. Hence our goal is to clarify how exactly the free market works and how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. The conference will also address the challenges standing ahead the free electricity market and the measures, which should be taken in order to make it function more fluently.
We will give a chance for an open partnership between the different players in the electricity supply chain. We will also show how the end consumer price is formed.
Major topics to be discussed :
Liberalization of the energy market-what has been done and what the consumers might to expect
How and when the energy exchange is expected to start functioning
How the companies planning to enter the free market should prepare for it
How the companies operating on the free market now are coping with the situation
The electricity traders' point of view
What changes have to be made in the current model in order to make the electricity market work more fluently
On the electricity supply chain-contribution to the price of electricity from each participant
The electricity supply chain and how the price of electricity is formed
The contribution of green energy
Until when will the electricity distribution companies manage to operate at current prices
How the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission is balancing between the interests of everyone on the chain and the Government

Participation fee: 25,84 eur excl. 20% VAT
Registration deadline: May 30, 2011