Програма на мастър клас "Мениджмънт чрез коучинг - управленски стил от ново поколение"

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Opening – Capital /ICF Bulgaria
Introduction of the Master Class
The meaning and value of a Coach Approach for managers and leaders and the beginning elements and tools for success

- Establishing Agreements and Expectations

Interactive: Clarifying Agreements for today and the application to your work with others

- Your individual goals

Interactive: Identifying your goals for today and measures for success

- 4-D Systems ‘How NASA Builds Teams’: What transcends across industries and relates to you and integrating a coach approach

- Shifting the context from impossible to possible

Interactive: Introducing the 4-D Context Shifting Worksheet, beginning today’s work on your goal
Managing your words to manage behavior

- Attention, Mindset, Behavior and Results

- Stories that limit or motivate others

Interactive: Discovering your story lines

- How to change stories that limit into ones that motivate

Interactive: Creating story lines to move you and your organization forward
Understanding yourself to better understand others

- Your innate style as a manager or leader

Interactive: An exercise to find your innate style

- Your impact and influence on others

Interactive: Group exercise and discussion to identify strategies for how to use what you learn here to support communication and achieve desired outcomes in your work and life
Motivate, engage and energize your team

- What the research shows

- What our experience shows: Mine and Yours

- A  model for appreciation

Interactive: A group exercise to understand what each style needs for appreciation

- Integrating learning with practice

Interactive: Using the appreciation model real-time
Listening to Listen

- What is important while listening

- Practicing the skill

Interactive: Listening exercise to build a coach approach
Interactive: Second Listening exercise to build a coach approach
Neither you or your team can afford DRAMA

- Recognizing DRAMA States: Victim, Blamer, Rationalizer, Rescuer

- A strategy to skillfully stop the drama and support productivity and results

Interactive: Identifying DRAMA and making a 4-D request
Summary wrap-up and learning

Interactive: Revisiting your goal and measuring success
End of day