Business with a Cause

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More of Corporate responsibility and sustainable development
The "Business with Cause" conference is dedicated to Corporate Responsibility. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the importance of corporate responsibility. It is also designed to turn into a networking and know-how platform through meeting representatives of the business community, institutions and NGOs and to support companies in Bulgaria in integrating CR into the way they do business. Also this meeting could turn into an important platform for a constructive and beneficial dialogue between the Government and the business on the key issues concerning the CR practices.

150 + representatives from the business community, institutions, NGOs.

Speakers who will participate:
Bengt Johansson, CSR Ambassador, Sweden
Henning Kloster-Jensen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Eerde de Swart, Senior Manager CSR, CSR Netherlands
Yassen Guev, Corporate Affairs Director, GLOBUL
Martin Arvidsson, CFO, Volvo Bulgaria
Svetlin Nakov, Manager Technical Training, Telerik
Tanja Radocaj, Representative for Bulgaria, UNICEF
and more representatives of big companies with successful cases

Focus in the agenda:

The role of the State - creation of favorable business environment for the business and showing good examples as an employer
How to make CR profitable for the company
The consumer perspective on CR – does CR matter for the consumer
Building trust through transparency - why is CR reporting so important

The event will take place on December 6, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Sofia.

Participation fee: 49.08 euros 20% VAT included
Registration deadline: 3 December 2012