Green Innovation Forum "How to grow our business by green investments?"

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More of Corporate responsibility and sustainable development
In these times of great change there are two types of companies - those that react by adopting the path to sustainable development and others, which cling to the past and fight for their economic survival.
The world's rising green tide is not the next modern theme. It is a conceptual change in the way we think and do business. Green companies not only respect the law, plant trees, and pollute less - they create value. The green transformation is a huge opportunity to invest in innovations, modern products, and winning ideas.
If you want to know how ecologically sustainable strategies can be combined with financial prosperity, join us at the first Green Innovation Forum.
The main message is, a strong economy in the XXI century is a clean economy.

Green Innovation Forum - "How to grow your business through green investments?" - will be held on October 29, 2009 at Hilton Hotel in Sofia.

Participation fee: 92 Euro incl. 20% VAT
Registration deadline: 26 October 2009