First Annual Conference Innovations and Good Practices in the Health Sector

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Everybody in Bulgaria asks questions about healthcare every time they have contact with it – which model should the sector adopt, how and why the money is always not enough, which drugs can cure or prevent and how they are produced, which are the best hospitals, what should be the drug policy, how to distribute money fairly.
On September 24th Capital newspaper is organizing a conference dedicated to innovations and the models of restructuring the healthcare system. Within a one-day discussion we will look for the right answers of the set questions together with representatives of health authorities, medical facilities, the pharma sector, branch organizations and experts. The conference aims to present good practices and to suggest solutions for improving the effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of the healthcare system in the context of the National Health Strategy 2014 - 2020 and the European Commission Communication of the health systems organization from April 4th, 2014. 
Topics in the agenda:
The political parties programs for the health sector
Drug supply and policies
Production and use of medicines
Production of vaccines
Restructuring of the healthcare sector
Hospital management models
Audience: 200+ participants, health authorities (Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance Fund),  Ministry of Finance, Bulgarian Medical Association, representatives of major political parties, managers and representatives of medical facilities, physicians, business representatives, pharmaceutical companies, branch organization representatives
When and where: 24 September, Sofia Hotel Balkan

Participation fee: 41 euros, VAT excl.