Food, Water and Raw Materials – Innovations for a Sustainable Future

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Smart grid, electric vehicles, biofuels, hydrogen cells, renewable energy - almost always we connect the green innovations of the future with the way we produce, store, transport and consume energy. Green innovations in other key areas are crucial as well - food, water and raw materials.

Green Innovation Forum 2011 will be held on 29 November 2011 in Sheraton Hotel, Sofia.

Focus in the agenda:
More food, with higher quality and with lower ecological print
Sustainable use of water
Waste recycling technologies
What opportunities will raw materials offer to the future of business

With the participation of:
Jens Rupp, Group Sustainability Manager, Coca Cola Europe
Ewald Redl, Managing Director, Sonnentor
Pierre Brunet, Operations Director, Veolia Water Europe, France
Gerd Hoffmann, Head of Recycling, Aurubis Lunen plant

Registration fee:
30,72 euro VAT included
Deadline for registration: 25 November 2011