RID 2015: The smart solutions

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About Retail in Detail 2015

How can growth be generated in a stagnant economy and market such as the Bulgarian ones are expected to be in 2015? The answer is a classic one – by qualitatively new solutions: innovative models, strategies, tactics or products as indicated by key managers in the sector surveyed by Regal magazine.

Retailers will continue to redistribute the weak domestic market. A wave of mergers and acquisitions is unlocking. The question of differentiation from others is coming to the fore.
Manufacturers will think about development through exports and new products. Maintaining quality is a big challenge for them.

Consumers are those whose decisions influence the success of the market players. This opens the major topics about the trends in their attitudes and habits of shopping, about how to know them and communicate with them as well as how to win their loyalty.

The crossing points between these categories of market players and their joint actions pose a great opportunity for combining the efforts and for better results.

The program will be divided into four main modules:
- Retailers
- Manufacturers
- Consumers
- Crossing Points

In addition to the presentations by the international speakers you will also hear some practical examples tailored to the Bulgarian market as well as discussions on hot topics of the day. In the tenth edition of RiD we are going to review the market from 2005 until now and we are going to make some predictions about the development of the sector in the next 10 years.

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