С използването на сайта вие приемате, че използваме „бисквитки" за подобряване на преживяването, персонализиране на съдържанието и рекламите, и анализиране на трафика. Вижте нашата политика за бисквитките и декларацията за поверителност. ОK

ECONOMЕDIA LTD Privacy Policy Declaration

Data for Economedia AD as an administrator of personal data
Economedia Ltd., UIC: 131326269, headquarters and address: Sofia, 20, Ivan Vazov Str., Tel: 003592 4615 122, fax: 003592 4615 235, e-mail: [email protected]

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:
Ch. Dimov, email: [email protected]

This Privacy Privacy Policy Declaration refers to your personal data that Economedia Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Economedia" only) collects in order to provide you with services ("Services") according to your subject of activity.

We apply a privacy policy to data collected by you through our Internet sites Capital.bg, Dnevnik.bg, Karieri.bg, Regal.bg, Bacchus.bg, Odit.info ("Websites") and mobile applications Capital , Capital PRO and Dnevnik ("Mobile Applications"), and through paper forms personally filled in by you or by our representative, through email correspondence, contract signing or other legal methods for collecting personal data.

Through this Privacy Policy Declaration, we inform you of our practices that we apply to the protection of your data, your rights that you have with regard to your collected personal data through our websites and mobile apps and / or collected by us through other methods mentioned above.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer.

General Information

When collecting and processing your personal data, Economedia is subject to a number of laws and regulations that govern how such actions are to be performed, for what purposes and what safeguards we use in order to protect personal data. Relevant regulations include, but are not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 679/2016), the Personal Data Protection Act and the related acts.

Principles of collecting, processing and storing your personal data

We comply with the following principles when processing your personal information:
• legality, good faith and transparency;
• limitation of processing goals;
• minimizing data collection;
• accuracy and timeliness of the data;
• restriction of storage in order to achieve the objectives;
• integrity and confidentiality of processing and ensuring an adequate level of security of personal data;
• accountability.

Why we collect personal data and what we use them for

Economedia processes your personal data for the purposes described below:

- for registering and managing your account, including to use services requiring registration and / or payment on our websites;
- for your registration and admission to events organized by Economedia or a co-organizer;
- for measuring and tracking consumer behavior on Economedia's websites to improve our products and your consumer experience;
- to show you relevant ads and content
- for managing your subscriptions for Economedia editions;
- to send you email newsletters that you have explicitly subscribed to;
- to send you communications about our products and services if you have explicitly given your consent;
- to send you product and service announcements to our Partners when you explicitly give your consent to this.

What kind of personal data we collect from you

In the vast majority of cases, we collect data from you that are explicitly mentioned in the law or those that are necessary for the conclusion and performance of a particular agreement between us.
We will inform you in a clear and transparent way if we need to collect personal data that is not explicitly required by law, but Economedia finds it necessary and / or has a legitimate interest in their collection or we need to protect your vital interests.

Data for the purpose of using services and registering in the network of websites of Economedia

The network with registered users of Economedia is said to be at id.capital.bg. You can register through any of the websites Capital.bg, Dnevnik.bg, Karieri.bg, Regal.bg, Bacchus.bg.

In the forms through which personal data are entered, we clearly indicate which data are mandatory to provide. These are such data without which it is impossible to provide the Service or part thereof.

Sign Up / Create an Account.

Part of the Services provided under the Terms and Conditions that constitute a contract between us are available after registration. To sign up and create an account, you need to enter: an email address and a password. In addition, information about the registration and the general Terms of Use (date, time and IP address) is stored.

You can also sign up using your Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn accounts. In these cases, we collect data from your account on the relevant social network, which may include your email, names, photo, age, professional information, etc. Keep in mind that we collect this data only if you have granted permission to the relevant social network yourself through the privacy option that appears just before signing up for our websites.

Regardless of how you choose to sign up, each profile becomes part of the network of registered users of Economedia id.capital.bg.

Data stored in your account.

For the purposes of some of the Services you provide, you have the ability to create and / or store information about your gender, age, education, professional status and income in your profile, such as a photo, a brief biography, information about your social networking profiles. You alone decide whether and what data relevant to you should be stored in your account.


Including a photo in your account is entirely at your decision. It is part of your public profile in the network of registered users of Economedia id.capital.bg and is visible to other registered users. For example, the photo appears next to your comments under the articles and helps other users to find that you have left the comment. Please, note that if you use the ability to sign in with your account on one of Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn social networks, your profile photo from that network can replace the photo you have uploaded to your id.capital.bg account, which depends on whether you've given this opportunity in your settings on the appropriate social network.


The username is a unique string of letters and numbers that the system automatically gives you when you register. It is used for the purpose of id.capital.bg functioning and cannot be changed.

Your names

When you sign up, you can fill in your names, but this is not required. If you do, other network users will be better able to recognize you and contact you. For example, your names will go to the comments you leave under the articles. If you have not filled them up, your username will appear.

Data about your demographics, work, income and professional status

In your id.capital.com account, you have the option to fill in your gender, year of birth, education, country and city where you are living, the form of employment, the branch in which you work, the position in the job hierarchy, the number of employees in the company, monthly income and the type of department you work in. Filling in these data is entirely at your option. We use them with statistical purposes to know who are the registered users of Economedia. If you explicitly give us your consent, we may use this information to send you emails to our and our partners' events, products and services that we believe would be of interest to you.We also use this data to show you content or advertising that may be of interest to you. You have the right to object to this by writing to [email protected].

Data for the purposes of your public network account with registered users of Economedia id.capital.bg

In your id.capital.com account, you have the option to fill in your LinkedIn and Twitter social networking data, a short biography, an internet site address on your personal website / blog, and your signature on the Economedia forums, which will go below the comments you are writing under articles. Filling in these data is entirely at your option. They are visible to other users. With them, you become more recognizable to other users in id.capital.bg, and to our other websites.

Data related to the email newsletters you have subscribed to

You yourself voluntarily subscribe to media reports that Iconomedia offers. For most newsletters, this is possible from the settings of your id.capital.bg account, and the subscription for each newsletter may be terminated at any time when you sign in to your account in the Newsletters menu.
Some newsletters are available for subscription outside your id.capital.bg account. When subscribing to them, we send you a confirmation email and activate the subscription and save the IP, date and time (timestamp) when you have done so.

Other data

When you perform any of the following actions on our websites, our web server automatically writes your IP address, date and time (timestamp):
- posting a comment under the article, a topic / post in a forum
- article recommendation
- vote for poll
- evaluation / reporting of a comment
- vote for debate (on Dnevnik.bg, capital.bg)
- proposal on topic / cause / debate / poll
- recommend a job ad (karieri.bg)
- posting a job ad (karieri.bg)
- posting news / gallery for posting
- sending a cartoon for posting (dnevnik.bg)
- recommendation of a comic book (dnevnik.bg)
- restaurant recommendation (bacchus.bg)
- sending a private message (id.capital.bg)
- following / avoiding another user (id.capital.bg)

Log files, related to security, technical support, development, etc.

Log files are files that record events in and interactions between systems and / or between users and a system.
In our websites we use log files for the following purposes:
To ensure the reliable functioning of the Services and to identify technical problems;
To ensure the security of the Services and detect malicious actions;
To develop and improve the Services on the Website;
To measure the visibility and usability of the Website;

Log file to login to account

This log file allows you to detect and automatically block unauthorized attempts to access accounts. It contains the date and time of the login to the account and information about whether the entry is through a mobile version, application or desktop browser, whether the login is with a social login, IP address.

Server Log files, Log files on Web Application Firewalls, and other devices falling under this category

These log files are needed to detect technical problems, detect malicious actions, and more of the above mentioned objectives. Log files can contain the following information: date and time, IP address, URL, browser and device information.

Data we collect when registering for Events that Economedia organizes

When you register for an event that Economedia organizes or co-organizer, we collect the following data: name and surname, position in the company, company you are working in, address of the company, postal code (optional), contact phone, email. Data is required to provide the service and your identification for admission to that event.
For the purposes of events with a special access control, we may collect other data for the purpose of admission to the event.

Data we collect for the purpose of subscriptions to editions and services

For the purpose of subscriptions to our editions, we collect the following data:
Name and surname, phone number, email, position, UIN (where invoice is required), address, document certifying that the person is a student issued by the relevant institution (for students' subscriptions).

Data is required to provide the service.

Processing of personal data of persons under 14 years of age

It is important for us to take additional precautions measures to protect children. For this reason, children under the age of 14 are not allowed to create accounts on Economedia websites without the explicit consent of their parent / guardian. Economedia will delete any account created by a child under the age of 14 without a parent / guardian's permission as soon as we know about it.

If you are under 14, please, do not post or post any information about yourself, including, but not limited to, name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

Cookies and other passive technologies

Economedia uses cookies and other tracking technologies that gather information from you interacting with our websites to improve their performance and experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website can store on your computer or mobile device when you visit a webpage or website. The cookie will help the website or other websites recognize your device the next time you visit it. Web beacons or other similar files can do the same. We use the term cookies in this policy to name all the files that collect information in this way.

Cookies perform multiple different functions. For example, they help us remember your username or preferences, analyze how well our websites perform, show you ads that we believe are relevant to your interests, or even allow us to recommend content that we think will be interesting to you.
More about cookies as well as ways to opt out of using cookies on your device can be found in our Cookies policy.

Video Surveillance

In our websites is carried out video surveillance. Surveillance is based on our legitimate interest in protecting the persons, objects and assets of Economedia. Video Surveillance is done taking into account the rights and freedoms of individuals and its perimeter is limited to the required for security purposes reasons. The necessary technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect your privacy. Records are kept for a period of not more than 30 days and then are destroyed.

Data collected from other sources

We may collect information about you from other legitimate sources in order to provide you with quality services. Such sources are information from our partners (in case you have agreed), publicly available information.

This information includes:
- data to contact you
- publicly available information about the persons representing your organization.

We only collect other publicly available information once we have the explicit declaration of the person who shares them with us that you have agreed to be shared with us.

When we make contact with you, we will tell you where we have your personal details from in case we have not collected them personally from you.

Your consent and our legitimate interest

Except in cases where we collect personal data on the basis of law, contract, legitimate interest, or to protect your vital interests, we will ask for your consent.

We will use your personal information only after your explicit consent to the specific purpose.
You may withdraw your consent at a later stage.

In cases where your personal data has to be collected from you due to our legitimate interest or we preserve your vital interests, we will inform you in good time as well as clarify your rights.
You have the right to object to collecting your personal data if you feel that we have no legitimate interest in collecting them. We will take additional measures as we will provide you with additional information and our motivations within no more than 1 month of your request.

Disclosure of your data to third parties

Economedia discloses your personal data only in the following cases:
- only to state authorities, institutions and persons to whom we are required to provide personal data by law;
- to persons who, by assignment, maintain equipment, software and hardware used for the processing of personal data;
- to our partners who work on the assignment with Economedia on a contractual basis and help us provide you with our services and with whom we have agreements to preserve the confidentiality of the information and the protection of personal data.

Economedia takes the needed measures all these persons to apply the same protection to your personal data as our own employees and to comply with the Privacy Policy of the Economedia. It is important for us that we only use the services of such persons who are responsible for the protection of personal data and apply appropriate technical organizational measures.

We use service providers to process personal data for some purposes, such as measuring and tracking user behavior on websites, sending emails, sharing user content, signing up with social networking profiles, etc. These companies are (but the list is not fully complete):

- Google (with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, AdX, AdSense, AdWords, Google Plus): https://privacy.google.com
- Facebook (with Facebook Tracking Pixel, Facebook Tools - Plug-in "like" button, Sign in with Facebook profile и др.) : https://www.facebook.com/privacy/
- LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy
- оnthe.io : https://iotechnologies.com/pp
- Yandex (с Yandex Metrica) : https://metrica.yandex.com/about/info/privacy-policy
- Gemius : https://www.gemius.com/privacy-policy.html
- Digital Metrics (с MailMaker)
- Mail Chimp: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/
- Twitter widgets: https://twitter.com/en/privacy
- Viber (с Viber share button) : https://www.viber.com/terms/viber-privacy-policy/

Protection measures

Economedia collects, processes and stores personal data in compliance with all legal requirements and applying adequate technical and organizational security measures.

For the sake of maximum security in the processing, transfer and storage of personal data, we also use where necessary additional security mechanisms such as encryption, pseudonymisation and others.

Term (deadline) in which we store your personal data.

Your personal data will be stored for the period specified in applicable laws, depending on the purpose for which they were collected.

In the absence of such a legal term, Economedia assumes that it will store your personal data for a reasonable period of time determined on the basis of additional criteria. Time-out criteria are consistent with our desire to provide you with high quality services as well as a normal development of our affiliate relationships.

Our goal is to keep your personal data subject to minimal action by you on re-registration or re-provision of data.

When the personal data we collect is no longer necessary for the purposes mentioned, we delete, anonymize or destroy them in another appropriate manner.
Without the list being exhaustive, here are the terms for which we store some of the data we process:

Traffic data

Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Act, traffic data is stored for a period of 6 months.

The data you have filled in your id.capital.bg account

For the duration of your account maintenance or deletion by you.


For the validity period for which the cookie are being saved.

Exercise your rights as a data subject under GDPR

The Privacy Policy gives you certain rights as a data subject listed below. To exercise any of these rights, you must send us Request to exercise your GDPR rights. The request is filed personally by you as a data subject or by a person expressly authorized by you by a notarized power of attorney.

The request must contain the name, address and other identification data of the individual for whom the claim relates, description of the claim, personal data, preferred form of reply and action under the Regulation, signature, date and correspondence address . The request may also be submitted electronically in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act.
If we have reasonable concerns about the identity of the individual submitting the request, we may request the provision of additional information necessary to verify the identity.

You can download the format with Request to exercise your GDPR rights from here.

Your right to access and receive information

You have the right to request access to your personal data at any time.
You have a right to know what personal data we process for you and for what we use, how we store them.
This Privacy Policy Declaration tells you how we process personal data and how we store it.
You can access your data at any time through the functionality provided in your profile or by submitting a Request to exercise your GDPR rights on [email protected]
In the rare cases in which we cannot provide access to your personal information within a period of not more than 1 month, we will give you the reasons.

Your right to Corrections

You also have the right to ask Economedia to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data. You can adjust your data yourself using the features provided in your personal account.
For questions and clarifications, please, write to [email protected]
To request a correction, you must submit a Request to exercise your GDPR rights on the same email.

Right to delete your personal data (right to be forgotten)

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask for your personal information to be deleted. Such circumstances are:

- your personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed;
- in case you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of your personal data;
- if your personal data is being processed unlawfully;
- in case you have objected to the processing of your personal data;
- other cases provided for in the legislation governing the protection of personal data;

To exercise the right to be forgotten, you need to send us Request to exercise your GDPR rights.

In some cases, we are legally obliged to store your personal data. In such cases, it will not be possible to erase your personal data from our systems.

Your other rights

Beyond the above rights you have the right to request:
- request that you limit the processing of your personal information for a certain period of time;
- oppose processing;
- data transfer.
For this purpose, you also need to send us a Request for the exercise of your GDPR rights.
The listed rights depend on the particular reason why we process your personal data.

Contact our staff if you have any questions.
Our employees;
- will assist you in the exercise of your rights;
- will inform you further about each of your rights.
We strive to always meet your requests when these requests are admissible and reasonable and to give you an answer within the statutory time limit.
On rare occasions, we may need to extend this deadline, but not more than the maximum legal limit allowed.

Right to appeal

If you believe that we are violating your rights, you may contact us to investigate the matter.
Our "Data Protection Officer" is available at: [email protected]
You also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission:

Name Personal Data Protection Commission
Address 1592 Sofia, 2, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Post address 1592 Sofia, 2, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Phone 003592 915 3 518
Website www.cpdp.bg

Actualization / Update
This statement is regularly reviewed and updated by us in order to be as clear, precise, transparent as possible and to accommodate new developments (if necessary).

Date of last update - May 2018