С използването на сайта вие приемате, че използваме „бисквитки" за подобряване на преживяването, персонализиране на съдържанието и рекламите, и анализиране на трафика. Вижте нашата политика за бисквитките и декларацията за поверителност. ОK

Terms and conditions for subscription for Economedia AD - printed publications and digital products

These General Terms and Conditions govern the order, manner and terms of subscription for the periodicals - newspapers and magazines of Economedia AD and the different levels of access to the digital products of Economedia AD. They constitute a CONTRACT between the Customers/Subscribers and Economedia AD. By paying a subscription, the Customer/Subscriber agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes thereto.

Economedia AD reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by publishing them on its website www.economedia.bg, in a timely manner together with a notice of change.

I. Generalities

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

· "Customer/Subscriber" means a natural or legal person who purchases a subscription for an edition of Economedia AD.
· "PUBLICATIONS" means the following periodicals and digital products:

А. Periodicals:


Capital Daily comes out Monday through Friday. Cover price of Capital Daily - BGN 1.50; size 284mm x 395mm;


Kapital – comes out every Saturday. Cover price BGN 3.00; size 284mm x395 mm;
Stroitelstvo Gradat – comes out every Monday. Cover price BGN 1.50; size 284mm x395 mm;
Computerworld – comes out every Saturday. Cover price BGN 0.90; size 300 mm х 422 mm.


Bakhus – comes out 3 times a year. Cover price – BGN 7; size 215 mm x300mm;
Regal – comes out 8 times a year. Cover price BGN 5; Circulated only by subscription.
CIO – comes out every month without August with 2 editions in September. Cover price BGN 4; size 205 mm х 285 mm;
NetworkWorld – comes out in 6 editions per year in February, April, June, August, October and December. Cover price BGN 4; size 205 mm х 285 mm;

B. Digital access:

Kapital Subscription Plan - includes access to capital.bg - the articles and archive of the site, as well as the K: Reader tool for Kapital, Light magazine and the other editions that come out with Kapital weekly.

Kapital Pro Subscription Plan - includes access to capital.bg, including K: PRO business area (part of which is Kapi search engine for company information), K: Reader for Kapital (together with Light magazine) and Capital Daily and other editions that come out with them.

· "Print Release Date" means the release date of the issue on the market as defined above, with the exception of the magazine's release date, which is not exactly fixed. Economedia AD reserves the right to change the date of its release on the market.

· "Authorised partner suppliers means" companies with which Economedia AD has concluded contracts for subscription campaigns and delivery, namely: Balgarski posti EAD (Bulgarian Posts), Dobi Press EOOD, Hermes Building OOD, Tedi-Press 86 EOOD, etc. Provisions of Art. 348-360 of the Commerce Act "Commission Agreement" govern the relationships between Economedia AD and the authorised partners concerning a subscription campaign.

II. Signing up for a subscription

Subscriptions for the editions of Economedia AD are made in one of the following ways:
- By payment via a payment order or a postal order to the following bank account of Economedia AD: IBAN: BG05UNCR76301078119745, Bank code: UNCRBGSF; Bank: Unicredit Bulbank AD;

- By payment with debit/credit card on www.economedia.bg. Debit and credit card payments are accepted - Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Transcard;
- By payment with debit/credit card via ePay or Paypal;
- With a text message sent to 1982 - only for a week (trial) period for Kapital Subscription Plan
- Through the authorised partner suppliers of Economedia AD;
- Other authorised partners to Economedia AD.

III. Subscription period

The subscription for printed publications, depending on the number of consecutive months for which it is concluded, can be: subscription for 2 (two) months, subscription for 3 (three) months, subscription for 6 (six) months, subscription for 12 (twelve) months. At the request of the Customer/Subscriber, a subscription may be made for a period other than those listed (for one month, four, five months, etc.), as well as "unlimited subscription" (after the expiration of the relevant subscription period and in case the Customer/Subscriber has not submitted a cancellation notice; he/she will receive a pro-forma invoice to pay for the next period).

The subscription for a printed edition taken out and paid by the 18th (eighteenth) day of the current month starts from the beginning of next month. In case the subscription is made through authorised partner suppliers, the Customer/Subscriber shall get informed about the subscription periods of the latter.
The Subscription for Digital Access to the content of Kapital (Kapital Subscription Plan and Kapital Pro Subscription Plan) is concluded for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. Kapital Subscription Plan is also available for a week (trial) period that can be paid by a text message.

IV. Requirements for subscription

For printed publications:
The subscriber must include the following: name and surname of recipient/company name (if the Customer/Subscriber is a legal entity), exact delivery address, which includes: place, region, zip code, street, number, block, entrance, apartment, telephone and e-mail address. The subscription may be with a delivery address in Bulgaria or abroad.

Delivery is done to a mailbox at the delivery address - the Customer/Subscriber should have a mailbox of the appropriate size (in view of the size of the respective edition) at the delivery address, which is secure (with a key) and with the name of the subscriber. In case the front door of the building of the delivery address is locked, the Customer/Subscriber shall provide a key for free access of the postman/courier to the mailbox. In the absence of a mailbox or if the mailbox is of an inappropriate size, Economedia AD shall not be held responsible for failure of delivery to the Customer/Subscriber.

Economedia SA reserves the right to refuse subscription for areas where delivery is difficult (e.g. when the Customer/Subscriber has not provided normal delivery conditions (as described in these General Terms and Conditions), and/or if the cost of delivery to the address specified by the customer is economically unreasonable compared to the subscription value (e.g. in case partner suppliers (mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions) do not have supply/delivery to the specified address). If the subscription is cancelled, the amount paid for subscription will be refunded to the customer.

For Digital Access: It is necessary that the client first opens an account at id.capital.bg. The registration requires an e-mail address and password. When paying with a debit/credit card, the subscription is activated automatically and the Client/Subscriber receives confirmation at the e-mail address that he/she used to register at id.capital.bg.

When making a bank payment, the access to the digital product is immediately activated. If the payment to the account of Economedia AD is not received within 2 (two) business days, the subscription is automatically deactivated, for which a message is sent to the client's e-mail address. In some cases /gift subscription, special promotions, subscription signed with an authorised partner/ the client receives an access activation code at the e-mail address specified. The code is valid for 3 (three) months after receipt. If the subscription is not activated within this period, the client loses the right to use the service.

V. Claims (only relevant to print subscriptions).

Claims for defective or undelivered issues are accepted within one week of issue date - for dailies and weeklies and until the end of the month following the issue month - for monthlies.

To file a claim, call 02/46 15 349, send an e-mail to [email protected] or come to the Economedia Subscription Centre at: 1000, 30 Ivan Vazov Str., 3rd floor

Complaints are reviewed within 7 (seven) business days, after which the Client/Subscriber is informed about the measures taken. In case of delivered damaged issues or such with factory defects, a new issue of the respective edition is delivered to the Client/Subscriber. In case of undelivered copies, the Client/ Subscriber receives a new copy of the respective edition.

In case of regular delivery problem (late delivery or non-receipt of the edition), Economedia AD provides the Client/Subscriber with one of the following options: to change the address of delivery, to change supplier/courier or to receive the edition at the Economedia Subscription Centre. The Client/Subscriber’s informs about his/her choice at the above mentioned e-mail address or by fax.

In case the subscription is made through an authorised partner supplier, the claims shall be submitted to it.

VI. Miscellaneous

The subscription prices for Economedia Publications are announced on the website www.economedia.bg, in the catalogues of the authorised partners and suppliers of Economedia AD and in some advertising materials/subscription platforms. Economedia AD has the right to change the cover price of its printed publications, and this does not affect the announced subscription prices for the specific issues for the respective subscription period. In the event that the cover price increases during the subscription, the client does not pay the difference. Should an edition be cancelled, the amount for the remainder of the period will be reimbursed. When there are special supplements, CDs, or magazines that are included in the description of the relevant issue, they are included in the subscription price. In case of special supplements, CDs or magazines other than those listed in the description of the respective edition above, the Publisher reserves the right to determine whether they will be delivered for free or purchased additionally.

Economedia AD shall not be held responsible for delaying in delivery/not receiving the editions for which the Client/Subscriber has signed a subscription through authorised partners/suppliers, as well as in case of incomplete or incorrect delivery address filled in by the Client/Subscriber.

Change of delivery address may be requested by submitting a change of address notice by the 18th day of the current month. The issue will be delivered to the new address from the beginning of next month.

The Client/Subscriber may temporarily, for a period of his/her choice but not less than a month, request cancelation of the delivery of his/her subscription. To do so, it is necessary that the Client/Subscriber contact the Economedia Subscription Centre by the 18th day of the month, the cancelation will be valid from next month.

Digital access subscription can be concluded with or without automatic renewal. If the client has chosen an auto renewal and has made the payment through е-рау, the amount for the next subscription period is automatically withdrawn from the card and the client receives a message. If the client has chosen an automatic renewal and made the payment by bank transfer, he/she will receive a pro-forma for renewal of subscription. If the client has chosen an automatic renewal and has done a credit card payment, he/she will receive a reminder email to renew the subscription with a link to the application form within two weeks before the end date. If the client opted for "automatic renewal subscription" when subscribing to a print edition, 30 (thirty) days before the expiration of the subscription he/she will receive a pro-forma invoice for renewal of subscription at the specified e-mail address. Subscription without automatic renewal ends with the expiration of the period.

The client may request cancellation of digital subscription by sending an email to [email protected] indicating his/her bank account to receive reimbursement for the remainder of the period longer than one month, which is the shortest subscription period.

Economedia AD uses electronic invoice, which is provided via eFactura.bg and is sent to the e-mail address specified by the Client/Subscriber when submitting a subscription request.

Economedia AD provides Clients with the opportunity to purchase old issues of their editions at cover price of the issue, and in case there is no price mentioned, the price for the issue is determined by dividing the subscription price by the number of issues that come out for a 12-month period.

Economedia AD is an administrator of personal data registered under the Personal Data Protection Act. Economedia AD guarantees the confidentiality of information containing the personal data provided by Clients/Subscribers. Disclosure is only possible in cases where information is requested by public authorities or officials authorised by law to require and collect personal data information and in compliance with the statutory order.

These Terms and Conditions for subscription enter into force on 10.06.2009. They were amended on 16.02.2015.